The one at the top, the ones being ruled
Circle, one or two, where am I
Eyes pointed at me, double vision, me or he
Divide et impera

Me, myself and I, which one will die
Who's getting too old for the changing world
The book on the shelf, the record from the shop
The painting in the frame in the candlelight that came.

Some go with the flow, some don't have a soul
Some know where to go, so alone
Ducunt volentem, nolentem trahunt
Fate or fata morgana


I am on mighway, to the land behind the horizon
Mighway or the highway, barriers on the road
I am on mighway, to the ground beneath the tracks
Mighway or the highway, never falling back

It is mighway or the highway, faster to hell
It is mighway or the highway, the quick lose themselves